The Agta Dumagat Tribe

The Agta Dumagat tribe of Rizal live in the part of the Sierra Madre Mountains that’s closest to Manila. Settled in Sitio Quinao, Brgy. Puray, Mascap, Rizal they are a tribe that’s caught between tradition and the requirements of making a living in an area where the cost of living and the encroachment of development is making it hard for them to thrive.


The Agta Dumagat tribe in Rizal send their children to school and most of the time they lack even the most basic educational supplies and other basic essentials. With all the challenges that they have to face they need some support. The Bike Scouts is supporting the efforts of one of our teams to deliver school supplies and other essentials. Photo by “Koya Keku and Friends’ Adventure Log”


This project requires donations of cash, clothes, and school supplies.


The Bike Scouts Project commits to the promise that 100% of donations for projects go directly to the projects they are meant for.

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