About Us

The Bike Scouts Project is a better social platform that brings people together as a community on bicycles that ride for the common good. We believe that people are inherently good, that most of us just need the opportunity to become a kinder, more positive, and sustainable version of ourselves. The Bike Scouts is a community that helps people connect online to turn good intentions into action in the real world.

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Why Bicycles?


The Bike Scouts Project started on the day that Typhoon Yolanda made landfall in the Philippines in 2013. It was a simple idea of using bicycles to give victims of the storm an alternative means of communication and access to critical emergency supplies. To find support for the effort the Bike Scouts community was born, and it’s how the Bike Scouts launched the only Volunteer Bicycle Messenger service for disaster response and social good – in the world. Today, the Bike Scouts community has a presence across the Philippines and five other countries. We’re launching our own social platform with an app that also serves as our technology for disaster reporting and response. We ride bicycles for mobility, to help others, and do good in the world. Bicycles connect us through the joy of riding as a community.

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