About Us

The Bike Scout Project is a social platform for people who want to participate in a kind, positive, and sustainable way of life in a connected world – with bicycles as its symbol for a sustainable way of life and the means to practice the good that it promotes.


The Bike Scouts Project is also the only Volunteer Bicycle Messenger service for disaster response and social good, we provide an alternative means of communication and access to resources for people and places that are isolated by severe natural disasters and circumstance. Bike Scouts serve on the frontlines of the Climate Crisis and life in the new century, making sure that people are never left isolated by inequality, circumstance, and the impact of natural disasters.


As a community, the Bike Scouts makes it possible for the inherent good in people to become the currency for social relevance online and in the real world. The Bike Scouts Project turns social good into a collaborative activity and is a genuinely local response to climate change and natural disasters with its extensive and fully-engaged network of teams and communities around the Philippines, and with small teams in California (USA), Calgary (Canada), and Italy.


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The Bike Scouts Project started in 2013, on the day that Typhoon Yolanda made landfall in the Philippines. What started as a simple post on social media sharing the idea of using bicycles to help give victims of the storm an alternative means of communication and access to critical emergency supplies turned into a full-scale response. Within 24-hours after its launch the very first Bike Scouts team was on the ground in Tacloban City, around the province of Leyte, and on Samar Island in the Philippines.


Six years on, the Bike Scouts has evolved into a social platform for people that are passionate about finding a use for bicycle mobility as a way to deliver hope and courage wherever the Bike Scouts ride. With over 2,300 community leaders and 15,000+ membership across the Philippines, the US, Canada, and Italy the Bike Scouts is a one-of-a-kind community of individuals and teams that is turning social media into a force for good. The Bike Scouts is involved in social good initiatives, community-based disaster preparedness and response, bicycle mobility advocacy, climate change mitigation, food sustainability, and bicycle-specific policy campaigns and initiatives.


Today, the Bike Scouts is the only initiative of its kind that allows people and organizations to directly give help or make a positive difference. Using bicycles for mobility, the Bike Scouts ride where no one else will go. “We bring courage where it is needed, and hope where there is none” in places that are most vulnerable and often unnoticed.


The Bike Scouts Project is partnered with Goozam – a difference in first response, Decathlon, MovePH, WeRobotics, Philippine Flying Labs, SRDP Consulting, Project NOAH, RETT – Rapid Emergency Telecommunications Team, ZEDRU – Zion Emergency and Disaster Response Unit, Team Manila, The Council of Partners of UNOCHA, and Filinvest Lifemalls.


The Bicycle Scouts Project is featured on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Partnership platform and the The National Geographic Open Explorer platform.


The Bike Scouts Project has been featured in the Social Good Summit Manila, The Cambridge Climate Lecture Series, Rappler, ANCx Talkback, The GMA7 Christmas Special, “The Amazing Earth” program with Dingdong Dantes, DZAR Action Line Radio, Multisport Magazine, among many others.


The Bike Scouts Project has worked since its launch in 2013 with ZERO FUNDING. Everything that the Bike Scouts does comes from the generosity of its own community that invests their time, effort, and resources on the positive things they want to see in the world – whether it’s for setting up a community library, food sustainability gardens, bicycle access, or for community-based disaster preparedness and response. The Bike Scouts has been very fortunate to be partnered with very supportive sponsors that have made it possible for the community and its teams to mount events, organize community activities, and deploy wherever the Bike Scouts are needed.


As a fast-growing community, though, with a growing need for better engagement with membership, responsiveness to disaster needs, and for communicating the positive things that the community achieves everyday to a broader audience the Bike Scouts is working to launch a mobile app that will serve as its main community platform. The Bike Scouts community will always be 100% free and non-profit, but the app will also help connect the community to revenue-generating activities and services handled by a separate for-revenue media agency that will provide long-term sustainability for the Bike Scouts as a community, social platform, and disaster response and preparedness initiative.

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