About Us

The Bike Scouts Project is the only volunteer bicycle messenger service in the world for community-based disaster response and social good. Bike Scouts use bicycles, the most resilient form of mobility available, to bring life-changing and life-saving technology to people and places that are isolated by circumstance or the impact of natural disasters. Today, the Bike Scouts has grown to be a fast-growing social movement that is passionate about crowdsourcing time, action, and resources to make a difference wherever there is a local Bike Scouts team that rides on behalf of the community.

The Bike Scouts Project started in 2013 with the sole purpose of helping connect people and families that were separated by the devastation of Typhoon Yolanda. Using a satellite IP connection to the web that allowed access to Facebook and Google, the Bike Scouts worked for four months in Leyte and Samar Islands. Riding to the most isolated villages and evacuation centers, Bike Scouts teams collected information and messages from the victims of the typhoon that had no way to contact their relatives, or organizations that could provide them with proper assistance. The Bike Scouts has since been deployed to many other major natural disaster events around the Philippines, from the Pacific Ocean coastline of Camarines Sur to the Island of Mindoro and many other places. Bike Scouts bring courage where it’s needed, hope, where there is none.

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The Bike Scouts believe in the idea that genuine preparedness is only possible when people are connected by a shared sense of value for each other. To achieve this, the Bike Scouts organize events and activities as a way to engage people and help them experience the great and inspiring difference they can make where they are with whatever they have. Bike Scouts projects like the Midnight Ride and the 1,000Km Ride provide a way for communities to come together and discover the good that they are capable of, while events like the Hero School, The Bicycle & Lantern Festival, and the Community Resilience Survey serve as platforms for concrete action that communities can take to help themselves and others. In the past five years, the Bike Scouts has built an active network of local teams and community partners. This network serves as the backbone for the Bike Scouts’ focus on turning communities into a genuinely collaborative platform for social good and resilience.

The Bike Scouts Project works to build a kinder world by building thoughtful communities, one Bike Scouts Team at a time.

The Bike Scouts Project is partnered with Goozam, “a difference in first response” and also with Rappler, MovePH, WeRobotics, Philippine Flying Labs, Remote Area Medical, SRDP Consulting, Silver Star Shuttle & Tours, and UP Project NOAH. The Bicycle Scouts Project is featured on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Partnership platform.

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The Bike Scouts on the 5th Annual 1,000Km Ride