Bike Scouts is a social platform that brings people who ride bikes (and even those that don’t!) together to do local good through global teamwork. The Bike Scouts community turns the act of making a difference into a social experience! Our dream is to be able to mobilize entire communities, teams, and individuals anywhere in the world to do even the smallest act of good with the support of a global community behind them. Check out the Bike Scouts’ latest work on the UNOCHA COVID-19 humanitarian response report!


The Bike Scouts Project is partnered with the UNOCHA Community of Practice on Community Engagement (CoPCE), Goozam emergency response app, Decathlon, Rapid Emergency Telecommunications Team (RETT) of the Office of Civil Defense (OCD), Zion Emergency and Disaster Response Unit (ZEDRU), Rappler, MovePH, The Embassy of The Netherlands in the Philippines, The Embassy of Denmark in the Philippines, and we have worked with Standard Chartered Bank through the Philippines Business for Social Progress (PBSP).

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