About Us

The Bike Scouts is a community of ordinary people doing extraordinary things; using bicycles to find people and places we can help inspire, encourage, uplift, give hope, and work with in making a real difference in the world.


The Bike Scouts community collaborates online but makes an impact offline through its unique Volunteer Bicycle Messenger teams, the only disaster response initiative of its kind in the world – focused on providing an alternative means of communication and supply for people and places isolated in the aftermath of severe natural disasters.


The Bike Scouts Project is out to change the game by becoming the spark that makes people think and act like a community again. To do this, the Bike Scouts is working to become independently sustainable for the long term. This is why we are stepping away from the practice of asking and focus instead on being able to give through means that we generate ourselves. What this means is that we’re going to rely exclusively on our own skills, talents, and resources to become professional practitioners of the difference we are out to make! We are Bike Scouts. Meet The Team!


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The Bike Scouts Project has transitioned into a full-scale social platform with a media agency behind it that handles app and community management, content production, creative services and production support for the community and, most importantly, the handling of clients whose involvement will generate the cash flow that will keep the community 100% independent and free-to-use and achieve the objectives of The Bike Scouts Project.


As a social platform, the Bike Scouts community will remain free-to-use forever! The community itself will remain non-profit and we will preserve the awesome culture that we’ve developed with our teams and community members through the years. The only difference with the Bike Scouts app is that we are providing our membership with a safer, more positive, and better curated space that will be free from the dangers and toxicity of the open social networks. The app allows the community to become a true digital village with clearly-defined boundaries that is safe for children, adults, and the brands and institutions that choose to join the Bike Scouts.



As a media agency, we are able to service revenue-generating clients for social-good-as-campaigns that benefit brand image and the bottomline of partners and sponsors. This is important because the revenue that comes from these projects will allow us to sustain the operational and technical requirements of managing a community platform for the long term. Also, the revenue allows us to provide free services to the Bike Scouts community in creating better content, sharing knowledge, and organizing community events and activities that greatly contribute to the game-changing culture that make the Bike Scouts community highly-productive and one-of-a-kind.


The best part of having a revenue generating media agency is that the Bike Scouts will now be able to maintain its Volunteer Bicycle Messenger teams properly and deploy them whenever and wherever they are needed. The media agency will be the key to implementing all of the Bike Scouts’ community and technical activities.


We are proudly affiliated with:

The Bike Scouts Project is partnered with Goozam, “a difference in first response” and also with Rappler, MovePH, WeRobotics, Philippine Flying Labs, Remote Area Medical, SRDP Consulting, Silver Star Shuttle & Tours, UP Project NOAH, and Decathlon. The Bicycle Scouts Project is featured on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Partnership platform and the The National Geographic Open Explorer platform.

Meet The Team! and please DOWNLOAD the Goozam App, you can help make a difference in emergency response!