Where your talents and the needs of the world cross, there lies your vocation.

This is true for companies and brands as it is for each of us as human beings. It’s the purest form of opportunity to do well while doing good. The challenge in finding our purpose is a matter of knowledge and genuine connection to the people and places in the world where we can truly make a difference. Bike Scouts is the community that stands at the crossroads of that need. See what we can do together or download our Business Deck.

We have been building our community and delivering tangible value to people for almost a decade. As a social platform we have weathered the impossible things with our community from category-5 typhoons, to floods, earthquakes, a volcanic eruption and the global Covid-19 pandemic, and it’s that presence and investment in the people and places that we work with that gives Bike Scouts access to a unique kind of engagement, participation, and an audience that’s fully-committed to the purpose of doing better things together. Set a meeting with us!


The Bike Scouts platform maintains a vibrant ecosystem for social capital to thrive and affect important aspects of social engagement, communication, and participation. Social connection is often confused with social capital and to point out a simple difference between the two a good example is how social capital in the form of family or community support can generate human capital in the form of good education or opportunity, while social connection alone as what people often gain from social media does not necessarily translate to long term or reproducible benefits. The Bike Scouts provide an environment where social capital can accumulate, be recognized as a resource, and deployed for practical uses that benefits the world. The value we can provide is integration into the process of deploying social resources that derive benefit from and provide benefit for the social value strategy of brands and businesses.


Providing social value for the stakeholders of a business or brand is not a new idea, most companies already understand the value of having corporate purpose beyond profit in terms of productivity and employee retention that can be directly correlated with positive shareholder returns. Companies that succeed at this effort are said to have a strong corporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) proposition. Especially now, in the time of the next normal, there is a heightened social, governmental, and consumer attention on the broader impact of corporations, and even executives and investors now realize that to future-proof their business they will need to address the demand for accountability and direct social benefit. The need exists and the intention is easy to deploy but where most companies fail in building social value is in identifying where and how the investment in purpose can benefit corporate goals. With long experience in both the people side of things and the tactical aspect of social engagement Bike Scouts can help in creating a map for the “why” (social benefit purpose), the “what” (social value strategy), and the “how” – the way that the purpose is integrated into the culture of the company that everyone in it becomes an advocate of corporate social benefit through efficiency and productivity in business.


The value of an idea is only as good as its execution, and what we focus on first in Bike Scouts are always the people – in the communities where businesses operate and the employees and other stakeholders that are involved in making it possible to implement an idea where it counts. Bike Scouts has almost a decade of experience in community creation and engagement, and far more years of professional experience in various forms of communication and social activation. After all, we are the organization that made it possible for people that were isolated by Typhoon Yolanda in 2013 to communicate with the outside world even while mobile and internet communications was down purely through large-scale social activation. We are very good in creating communities of purpose within organizations, and we are probably the only ones that can say we have real-world experience in testing the quality of our work in the most extreme conditions. If we can motivate people to do good in the middle of a volcanic eruption we can make the people in your company believe in the good that you set out to do.


1. Be a brand partner of the vibrant social network of Bike Scouts around the Philippines and get access to more places and discover more options for how you can deploy your strategy for a strong corporate social purpose.

2. We can help you map the value of different social purpose strategies you can deploy for your organization in terms of productivity, customer loyalty, and brand equity among other key performance indicators.

3. We can help make your organization and its stakeholders believers and participants of your social purpose strategy through our team programs and community-creation activities.

The best thing about working with Bike Scouts is that we partner with our user community when it comes to our own sustainability as a company. Instead of taking money from people we share whatever we make with our community of users.

We don’t make money by getting a cut from the hard-earned revenue of our clients either, what we do instead is earn money from services that clients actually need and can profit from and we activate our user community so that they can earn from being a part of the projects we do with clients as a platform. It’s a business model that’s fair, transparent, and everybody gets something for their time, talent, and participation.


If you have an immediate need to launch a project we also offer an easy and convenient way to launch almost any size of project easily and efficiently. Try out our Project Launcher page to design, prepare, and launch today!


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