The Bike Scouts Project is a social platform for doing positive things on a bicycle – or even without it. Since it started in 2013, the Bike Scouts community has grown in numbers and scope of involvement in the many communities where we ride. In this way, the Bike Scouts has become one of the only genuinely local initiatives for social good, to address the Climate Crisis, and for community-based disaster preparedness and response. From our response to Typhoon Yolanda in 2013 to the many other storms we’ve responded to and in the places where our local teams are based, The Bike Scouts Project is the most direct and genuinely-felt response for the common good.

If you’re interested in taking your corporate social response or community-based initiative to the next level of impact, work with the Bike Scouts! We have extensive experience working on the frontlines of the Climate Crisis and the daily effort to bring positivity to those that are challenged by circumstance. With our organizational partners, experience, and genuine presence in the places that need your attention – work with us in making a real difference in the world.




The Bike Scouts’ Volunteer Bicycle Messenger teams are the first and only bicycle messenger service for disaster response in the world – able to access the most inaccessible places and ride over almost any kind of terrain without the need for fuel or complicated maintenance requirements. One of the most important tasks of The Bike Scouts Project is to help provide an alternative means of communication and supply in the aftermath of natural disasters. Our focus in on communication and data, we help people and places isolated by the impact of natural disasters connect with the outside world using bicycles and satellite technology.


YOU CAN HELP US by providing sponsorship for our regular deployment team, or you can also help generate support for the work that we do. Every year, we have to find a way for our messenger teams to stay prepared, trained, and keep our bicycles in working condition. Training and deployment can be costly without proper support, and your generous help will make a very big difference in helping us reach the farthest places that need the most help.


WHAT YOU GET IN RETURN: Our teams can wear your logo on their uniforms and other materials, and we can make your company or brand a part of all our social media content and other promotional materials.



The Bike Scouts regularly visit schools, universities, communities, and organizations to share the value of our work and our community. These events are called Hero School Workshops because they are essentially a course on how to become a Bike Scout community member or volunteer. We share our experience working in large-scale natural disaster areas and also our experiences doing good in our own communities. These workshops also include an introduction to essential things like Basic Life Saving skills, CPR, AED operation, drone operations for aerial mapping and photography, bicycle handling and maintenance, road safety for cyclists, and also the different kinds of mobile and browser-based applications that can be very useful for community-based disaster preparedness and response. Hero School Workshops are free to join, these events are funded by Bike Scouts sponsors and partners.



The 1000Km Ride is an annual team ride of The Bike Scouts Project. Starting in Manila and passing through the provinces of Laguna, Batangas, Quezon, The Bicol Region, and the islands of Samar, Leyte, Cebu, Negros, and Panay in the Visayas. Now on its sixth year, the 1000Km Ride is one of the longest-running annual long-distance rides in the Philippines


The ride commemorates the anniversary of Typhoon Yolanda’s landfall in the Philippines. The event also celebrates the founding anniversary of the Bike Scouts’ Volunteer Bicycle Messenger teams and
it helps generate public awareness about the continued need for community-based disaster preparedness and response. During the ride the Bike Scouts cycling team also visits selected schools where we’ve started community libraries and local Bike Scouts teams. The ride gives the Bike Scouts
a chance to directly engage with our broader community across the Philippines.


YOU CAN HELP BY becoming a sponsor of the event. We also offer a unique delivery service for Corporate sponsors who would like the Bike Scouts to carry a “special delivery package” that may contain a memo, president’s letter, or a small package for a branch, office or community partner along the 1000Km Ride route. Sponsoring the delivery of this package is a unique way for companies and businesses to make a statement about their commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.



The Midnight Ride is an annual project of the Bike Scouts community teams around the country. Every year, Bike Scouts ride out at midnight on Christmas Eve to deliver presents to the homeless children in their respective neighborhoods. In some places, the Bike Scouts support the Christmas parties of schools that have no resources to give their students a celebration of the holidays. This project helps give children an equal opportunity to have a memory of joy from their childhood that may serve as an inspiration or reminder later on in life that nobody is forgotten


YOU CAN HELP BY donating in cash or in kind for the Midnight Ride event. The Bike Scouts are in need of donations of canned food, candies, toys, and clothes (new or good condition), or other items that are educational or helpful for the personal development of children.