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The Bike Scouts community uses bicycles and social teamwork to deliver help, hope, and courage wherever we ride! We’re also the only Volunteer Bicycle Messenger service for disaster response that has been at the frontlines of almost every major disaster in our communities since 2013. Check out the latest things that Bike Scouts are working on in their own communities!

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Bicycles For Students’ Mobility Project

Bike Scouts worked with Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) for the implementation of the Standard Chartered Bank project to distribute bicycles for schoolkids who have to walk long distances to get to school. We traveled to Pandan in Castilla, Sorsogon and to San Rafael in Bulacan to deliver the bicycles to students who had to walk 2-3 hours to school. Bike Scouts also handled the workshop for bicycle handling, maintenance, and road safety. As part of the program to keep the schoolkids engaged, Bike Scouts also organized the recipients into local Bike Scouts teams based in their schools and communities.

The Midnight Ride – Gift Deliveries for homeless children

Every year, the Bike Scouts ride out at midnight on Christmas Eve to deliver gifts to homeless children and their families. In spite of its theme and timing, the Midnight Ride is not a religious event. It’s the Bike Scouts’ way of bringing joy to the less fortunate children that have to spend Christmas on the streets in a country like the Philippines where it’s hard not to notice the Christmas season. Most of the time, children on the streets will gather outside shopping malls, churches, and other places where families spend their time shopping or celebrating the season hoping to get money or food from people as they pass by. The Midnight Ride is a way for Bike Scouts members to give back to their own communities by making sure that even those who have less in life will not feel forgotten on such a meaningful time of the year. WATCH the Midnight Ride video!

Bike Scouts Bicycle Library

The Bike Scouts is maintaining a stock of books collected during the pandemic that will be distributed to selected communities through a Bookcase Library concept – an extension of the regular Bike Scouts mobile (bicycle) library. Bike Scouts is constantly looking for donations of high-quality reading materials, specifically story books and books with high-educational value, and also crayons and paper stock (pad paper or bond paper) for library activities. The Bike Scouts bicycle library is made possible by generous book donors such as READ Philippines of Alberta, Canada that has been a partner of the Bike Scouts bicycle library for many years. Bike Scouts has also helped set up community libraries around the Philippines and have assisted in other library projects such as the supported initiative for Typhoon Yolanda survivors.

Batanes Islands Water Supply

Itbayat Island has been experiencing a severe water shortage because of drought caused by a lack of rain. There are water sources on the island that can be tapped to supply local need and the original plan was just to provide basic materials to extract the water. However, the cost and distance of the initiative makes it more practical now to provide a more long-term solution that can be pre-positioned for a similar crisis in the future. Bike Scouts is currently working to deliver available materials as soon as additional equipment and supplies can be sourced and delivered to make this possible. Project timeline will be announced as soon as supplies are confirmed.

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