The Bike Scouts is a unique social platform for people that are dedicated to making a genuine difference as a community, and it all starts with the Bike Scouts’ passion for turning social good into the currency for social relevance within our community.


Kindness, respect, dignity, and a non-negotiable sense of humanity is the starting point for all community members. The only requirement to become a part of the Bike Scouts is to leave all hate, disrespect, and political agenda at the door.


To be a Bike Scout is to start over and throw away all the bad habits that we all normally have in ordinary life, to strive to become a better version of ourselves in the service of everyone and every living thing. It sounds heroic, but that’s because it’s meant to be heroic.

We live in an age that needs better heroes, the kind whose bravery is not compelled by selfish gain but by the knowledge that through the gloom brought by the climate crisis, tyranny, inequality, and hate – somebody has to ride into the darkness and carry the light so that others may see the way. Form your own Bike Scouts team!


This is our responsibility as a community.



The Bike Scouts’ Guiding Principles

1. Be Kind and Respectful


At the core of every Bike Scout is an aspiration to be a better human being, to adopt a standard for ourselves that exceeds the common expectations for kindness and respect. We must strive to become the highest example of these qualities to deserve the privilege of riding in the name of humanity.


2. Always Ride For The Team


Bike Scouts is a collaborative effort, we succeed and fail by our ability to work together and to genuinely share the passion for doing good, wherever we can, with whatever we have.


3. Be An Advocate For Knowledge


Believe with all your heart that the knowledge we collect and deliver is an essential way to preserve life and the most noble form of humanitarian response in the aftermath of any disaster.


4. Be Passionate About Helping Others


Our work is a service to humanity above all else, our sole purpose is to ride and bring courage where it’s needed, hope, where there is none. This is the only reason why we call ourselves Bike Scouts.


A Very Important Note


For everyone who wants to be a Bike Scout. REMEMBER: The Bike Scouts serve all, we believe in the protection of the human right to life, dignity, opportunity, safety, knowledge, liberty, and happiness. As Bike Scouts, we only gain relevance in our community by the quality of our thoughts and our actions in the service of this purpose – there is no place for politics, discrimination, hate, and arrogance in all the things that we think, say, and do. Our actions may define us as human beings but it’s the quality of our principles that earn us the right to call ourselves Bike Scouts.