The Bike Scouts community is spread out across the Philippines and around the world. At any given time there are Bike Scouts that are out on bicycles rides around their neighborhood or in places that are far more adventurous. And because we’re everywhere, the community is also able to keep track of disaster events like storms, flooding, earthquakes, but also happy things like celebrations, bicycle races, and fiestas! You can use this map to share what’s happening wherever you are in the world! This way, you’ll be connected to all the other Bike Scouts by sharing all the things that you see, experience, and maybe even need help with!

Just use the yellow button on the map to start, pick the theme that fits what you want to share (“Community” for general things, “Stormwatch” for disaster reports) and just follow the directions. It’s that simple! Thank you and hope to hear from you very soon!

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