We champion road safety for cyclists! Share your story!

Welcome to CycleSafe, the Bike Scouts road safety for cyclists initiative! We’re still building the page and making the content but in the meantime please feel free to browse some of the contents of our mobility library below. If you have questions or suggestions send us a message. Ride safe!

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READ Best Practices Dutch Cycling or visit the Dutch Cycling Embassy website.

READ CROW Road Safey Manual. Check out other publications on the CROW platform.

READ Copenhagen – City of Cyclists (2016). Check out the Cycling Embassy of Denmark website.

WATCH Cycling in The Netherlands. by Sjors Van Duren

WATCH Utrecht-Planning for people, not cars.

BROWSE other materials in the Bike Scouts Mobility Library collection on our official Google Drive.

This library is in the process of being updated. Please check back regularly to view the latest publications available.

Bike Scouts and CycleSafe names, logos, and designs are copyright property of Myles Delfin, Philippines 2021.

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