The Bike Scouts Climate Declaration


We recognize that the world is in danger because of the climate crisis, and it’s not just about people but the world’s natural resources that’s essential to life and the planet we call home.


We recognize that it’s time to stop thinking and acting small, it’s time to stop believing that others will fix things for us, and that we are not individually responsible or capable of doing what is necessary to save the world.


We accept that it is time to respond to the climate crisis on an epic scale, and not just through protests, ideas, or solutions that makes us feel better.


We must act now, and we must act globally.


As Bike Scouts, we have already started the very important work of building the community that will serve as a platform for long-term commitment to this action. Join the community to participate: The Bike Scouts Project


Bike Scouts are working to recruit entire cities to adopt bicycles as a primary means of mobility through the creation of a city ordinance and a Greenways Council that will ensure participation by the public, business, and government in every city, town, and village across the country. This is just the first step. The most important thing is what follows.


We declare our commitment to being the doers of a tangible response and a genuine effort to change the course of the climate crisis into a positive outcome for the planet through our specific action on:


1. Cutting-down the use of fossil fuels and motorized transport in all cities.


2. The adoption of bicycle and pedestrian mobility in policy and in practice.


3. Participation in the propagation of plants and trees across the country.


4. The non-negotiable protection of green spaces in cities, towns, and villages.


5. The elimination of non-essential plastic waste in household and everyday use.


6. The elimination of non-essential plastic waste in commercial products.


7. The creation of clear policy in government and business for the protection and preservation of the climate and the natural environment as a condition for a mutually-beneficial engagement.


We refuse to accept failure. We want clear action, direction, and timeline for the work to address the climate crisis. We do not accept the excuse of politics, convenience, or need. We demand accountability. We demand action.


The challenge we face is insurmountable, but with the commitment of all of us to do the small things that matter, we believe we can reverse the impossible. Let us start now.


We are Bike Scouts.




How You Can Participate


Please sign-up to make the Bike Scouts Climate Crisis Declaration a global commitment. Help us get people, businesses, and government institutions to make the same commitment to address the Climate Crisis through tangible and collaborative action.