Form A Local Team

BIKE SCOUTS TEAMS are volunteer teams that are local to their own community and part of the larger Bike Scouts network throughout the Philippines and beyond. The Bike Scouts is, first and foremost, a social platform that provides the opportunity for ordinary people to do extraordinary things through social good, addressing the Climate Crisis, and in responding to natural disasters as a community. The Bike Scouts IS NOT A SEARCH & RESCUE organization, we focus on data and communications in times of natural disasters, and we help make our communities become a more positive place in whatever way we can. All members of the Bike Scouts community make a pledge to serve all and protect everything on the planet, we promise to be courageous, respectful, and we champion knowledge, equality, and kindness in everything we think, say, and do. We are Bike Scouts. #thisiswhyweride

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Review the Bike Scouts Community Principles.

STEP 1: Join the Bike Scouts community on Facebook.

STEP 2: Find at least ten people to join your Bike Scouts team as founding team members for your area.

STEP 3: Organize a meeting with your new team to discuss the basics of being a local Bike Scouts team. Go through this website with your new team to learn what Bike Scouts is all about. A few basic things that you and your new team should know right away are the following:

Bike Scouts is a community and social platform that connects different teams from different places around the country and beyond. The community is focused on collaboration for ideas and initiatives that make a positive impact through social good and other community-based initiatives. 

Bike Scouts is not a search & rescue organization. Our work in disaster response involves the provision of an alternative means of communication and supply using bicycles and satellite communications. Deployment of Bike Scouts teams to disaster areas is strictly limited to official Volunteer Bicycle Messenger teams deployed by the Bike Scouts’ central dispatch.

Bike Scouts membership is 100% free. We do not collect any fees or impose any form of financial obligation from community members. Local teams may organize a fundraising activity for specific projects in their area but will be required to furnish the central dispatch with an outline of the project and its expenses. Under no circumstances should the Bike Scouts name, logo, and community be used for personal revenue or for commercial purposes.

Bike Scouts teams are expected to collaborate with other teams in the Bike Scouts network in times of disasters or for community-scale projects and activities that require support. Teams are expected to post photo/video/text updates about their area in times of disasters. The information that teams post go directly to media, response, and aid partners of the Bike Scouts. Learn how to make disaster and emergency reports!

STEP 4: Visit the Bike Scouts Google Drive and download the appropriate materials that you need for your new team. Please be reminded that the use of the Bike Scouts logos, symbols, and other materials are limited to official and non-commercial applications only. Also, please respect the Bike Scouts brand and what it stands for whenever you and your team wear or carry the Bike Scouts symbols and name.

STEP 5: Identify a potential venue for a membership workshop for your team that will be conducted by trainors and resource persons from the Bike Scouts central dispatch. The workshop will include all aspects of Bike Scouts community, teams, bicycle handling, safety, maintenance, Bike Scouts operations, basic survival skills, CPR, AED operation, mapping and and aerial survey work, and basic data collection. You will also have to source a projector, audio system including a microphone, and other workshop materials.

STEP 6: Submit your membership list (including contact information) and potential workshop venue to any group administrator in our Facebook Group. At this point, you will be assigned an official Team Page where you will be responsible for moderation, administration, and where you and your team members can have your own content and interactions about local topics before sharing them on our main group page. Our official hashtags for all Bike Scouts related posts are #thisiswhyweride #wearebikescouts

STEP 7: All you have to do after these steps is to wait for a schedule for your team workshop. Please take note that because of the large volume of requests it may take some time to set a schedule. However you can start working as a Bike Scouts team in your area even before the workshop, just contact any group administrator if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you so much, welcome to the Bike Scouts!