Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bike Scouts?

Bike Scouts is a social platform for doing good. We are a community of people from around the world who ride bicycles to help, share, or give what we can to help solve big and small problems in our own communities and beyond through social teamwork.

Do I need to be a cyclist or own a bicycle to join?

Absolutely not, anyone can join Bike Scouts whether you ride a bicycle or not as long as you’re willing to contribute to the Bike Scouts culture of helping others and doing positive things in the world.

How do I join Bike Scouts?

We’ve made it as easy as possible! You can jump right into the community through our Facebook Group page and you can also download the Bike Scouts app (available on September 27, 2021) if you want to participate in disaster monitoring work or just want to have easy access to a better kind of content with better stories anytime of the day!

Do I have to pay a membership fee to join Bike Scouts?

No, there are no fees whatsoever and there are no required purshases or obligation to be a Bike Scout and a community member. We do offer optional services that you can choose to get but none of these services or offers have any bearing on your membership or access to Bike Scouts events, activities, and features.

Is Bike Scouts a faith-based organization?

No we are not, Bike Scouts is not affiliated with any faith or church but we do work with them from time-to-time, when needed. Bike Scouts is made up of people who want to do something awesome in the world. People from all walks of life and faith (or have no religion) are part of the Bike Scouts community and we strive everyday to build a better culture of inclusivity and respect for others.

Is Bike Scouts a charity organization?

Bike Scouts is a platform for people who want to do good, some of whom might organize charity or humanitarian activities, but Bike Scouts itself is not specifically focused on charity. We are registered as a non-profit company in the Philippines where we started for the purpose of having a legal entity that fits the nature of how we work. More details can be found in our About Us page.

Is Bike Scouts a search and rescue organization?

No we are not, even though part of our work as a community is resilience and community-based disaster response through our Volunteer Bicycle Messenger teams for disaster response that provide an alternative means of communication and access to supplies for communities in the aftermath of severe disasters. Learn more about our disaster response work through our Membership Kit and our Operations Manual (available soon).

Do you collect donations of money and other things?

As a company we do not collect donations of money or anything else. Bike Scouts is a revenue-generating organization that is capable of sustaining its own operations and projects. The community, on the other hand, are free to organize their own fund-raising or donation drives that support projects or activities they do in their own communities as Bike Scouts. None of these donations go through Bike Scouts as a company. Instead, all donations go directly to the local teams that organize their collection for a specific need using Paypal, NextPay, bank transfer, or any recognized money transfer services. What we do as a platform is help members organize, plan, and account for any donations that go to them to make sure that support goes where it’s intended.

How does Bike Scouts sustain itself?

As a company, Bike Scouts earn revenue through services for brands and businesses that want to learn more about sustainability, resilience, bicycle mobility, and disaster preparedness. We run executive and company-wide learning experiences to share what we know and help clients apply what they learn to do good where they do business. We chose to generate revenue in this way because it’s sustainable and it allows us to step away from a donation model and become self-sufficient.

Are donations to Bike Scouts communities and projects tax-deductible?

There is no easy answer to this question because it will depend on the laws and regulations of your country. We can, however, issue a certification that your donation was received by community members and used for doing good or helping others.

Is Bike Scouts an LGBTQ-friendly platform and community?

Yes, we absolutely are. Aside from campaigns and initiatives our community members support or organize, Bike Scouts is proud to have it’s own LGBTQ cycling team called the Barbie Riders. Anyone can reach out to them on our Facebook Group page or through our app.

Is the Bike Scouts app free?

Yes, it’s 100% free forever!

Does the Bike Scouts app collect personal information or sell information?

No, we do not and we work hard everyday to make sure that it stays that way because data is something that needs to be managed well since it’s something that can be copied, transferred, stolen, or distributed. Bike Scouts digital properties use well-established services such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud to ensure the protection of any data that’s in our servers.

What kind of data does the Bike Scouts app collect?

The only data that’s in our servers are information that users put in their personal profile. To be clear, we also consider all posts, photos, videos, and other content as personal data that are owned by their authors and are equally protected. We do not share data for the purpose of ad targeting or other commercial uses nor do we transact with or generate any revenue from the personal information or data of our users. For the purpose of transparency, we do use user-generated disaster reports for a scientific study on potential risks from disaster events using historical data of the occurence and frequency of specific disasters or weather events. (more details will be provided upon request)

This FAQ page is being updated. Please check back again or you can also reach out to us at any time through email if you have any questions or concerns. We will be very happy to answer them to the best of our ability.

Bike Scouts is a Securities and Exchange Commission registered non-profit company in the Philippines. Unit 2901 29th Floor One Corporate Center Meralco Ave, cor Doña Julia Vargas Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig, 1605 Metro Manila, Philippines. Contact us through email or visit our agency page: Cycle of Good. Rep Office: Santa Clarita California, 91350 USA.

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