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Real words and thoughts of girls, women, and friends from the LGBTQ+ community of the #girlscanridecampaign.

The biggest problem for me about our hesitation to ride our bikes, especially if we want to ride long distances, is our safety from sexual harassment. I know it’s a cultural problem not just in sports but in our society as a whole. What I can do is to plan my route (say, choose a safer road that is not that busy but with enough people in case something bad happens, proper cycling attire that is not too revealing so as not to attract people with bad intentions because that is something we cannot control, and to ride as much as possible with a companion. Solo rides are future plans that needs proper skill set both physically,a nd mentally…but it is something we can aim for but not yet this time…a cultural change with regards to respect for women on the road should take place. — Weng

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