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There are many more Bike Scouts volunteers, teams, and communities across the Philippines and around the world that deserve to be included in this list for the kind and generous things they do every day, wherever they are, from donating to disaster victims, charity organizations or even just their neighbors or strangers they meet that are in need of help. Please give us time to add more Bike Scouts to the list. In the meantime, we hope you can support us!

Orland Quesada: Community Action, Guiuan, Philippines (active)

Orland Quesada leads the Bike Scouts team in Guiuan, Eastern Samar, Philippines. A story was posted recently by a Bike Scout member from Guiuan about an old man who used to drive the pedicab that took her to school when she was younger. The old man had fallen on hard times with his wife in their old age and the difficulties of the pandemic made things worse for them. Bike Scouts Guiuan has brought groceries to the elderly couple and have helped them contact their son who is living on another island and cannot come home due to financial difficulties. In addition, the team has worked with the community to build a proper house for the old man and his wife who have been living in a dilapidated makeshift house. For more information please message Orland Quesada directly on Facebook.

Joshua Espedido: Bicycle Donation, Caramoan, Philippines (active)

Joshua Espedido is based in Caramoan, a coastal municipality in the province of Camarines Sur, Philippines. Joshua is trying to help Christian Flores, a fish vendor in his community who has to rent a bicycle everyday andso he can ride the 30 kilometer distance from his home to where he sells fish. Christian needs his own bicycle so that he can save his daily earnings for his family’s needs instead of using it for renting a bicycle. We are looking for donors that can give an aluminum (to avoid corrosion in the coastal area where Christian lives) medium-sized bicycle frame and other brand new or spare parts that are still in good working condition. For more information please message Joshua Espedido directly on Facebook.

Harry Magalona: Bicycle Donation, Catbalogan, Philippines (active)

Harry Magalona is based in Catbalogan City in Western Samar, Philippines. Harry is trying to help Marlito Obinguar of Barangay Oyandic, Motiong, Samar. Marlito works as a pedicab driver in Catbalogan which that requires him to ride 18 kilometers from his home every day so he can pick up his pedicab and ferry passengers all day before riding another 18 kilometers going home. Marlito’s bicycle is badly damaged and can fail at any time. Harry has already provided Marlito with a helmet because it’s something that Marlito can’t afford to buy with the very small amount of money he earns everyday as a pedicab driver. Harry is looking for a bicycle donor or anyoen who can share brand new or used bicycle parts in good condition that Marlito can use. For more information please message Harry Magalona directly on Facebook.

Orland Quesada: Community Projects, Guiuan, Philippines (active)

Orland Quesada is based in Guiuan in Eastern Samar, Philippines. Orland leads a Bike Scouts team in Guiuan, a municipality on the Pacific Ocean coastline of the Philippines and was the site of Typhoon Yolanda’s landfall in 2013. Orland and the Bike Scouts in Guiuan are actively providing support for their community and surrounding areas to help address the impact od the ongoing global pandemic. Bike Scouts Guiuan has organized a community pantry and supply delivery to help the most affected families in their community, and they also provide support for local schools in terms of educational supplies and other essential things. Orland and Bike Scouts Guiuan can benefit from any kind of support for the work they’re doing. For more information please message Orland Quesada directly on Facebook.

Ronel Viola: Community Projects, Pagudpud, Philippines (active)

Ronel Viola is based in Laoag, Ilocos Norte, Philippines. Ronel together with the members of Bike Scouts Ilocos Norte – Pagudpud, Bike Bros United Unltd, and with the very generous support of Rowena Bondoc have been one of the most active Bike Scout teams in organizing community projects in Pagudpud and nearby areas. Their work focuses on environmental sustainability, the delivery of essential supplies to the economically-challenged families in their area, and providing the most basic things like footwear for children. Bike Scouts Ilocos Norte can benefit from any support that will help them conitnue their work. For more information please message Ronel Viola directly on Facebook.

Byron Peralta & Xhai Vie: Community Projects, Batanes Islands, Philippines (active)

Byron Peralta and Xhai Vie are based in Batanes, the northern-most group of islands in the Philippines. Byron leads Bike Scouts Batanes and is an active member of his community in Basco who organizes social good, tourism-related, and community projects. Byron was also involved in the local coordination of search and rescue work related to missing fishermen from Basco who were found a week later stranded on a nearby island because of rough waves. Xhai is very active in promoting environmental sustainability in her community and nearby places, she organized a coastal clean-up project that removed plastic waste from the beaches near Basco. The clean-up project is being developed for the long term and is in the process of being pitched to corporate and commercial sponsors who are willing to support the work of monitoring the type and volume of plastic waste that drifts from nearby countries and ends up in Batanes. For more information please message Byron Peralta or Xhai Vie directly on Facebook.

Bike Scouts Sorsogon: Community Projects and Disaster Response, Sorsogon, Philippines (active)

Bike Scouts Sorsogon is a very active team and community of the Bike Scouts that operate in Sorsogon City and surrounding areas. In times of disasters they also extend their range to places in the Bicol region such as Albay and other nearby towns and cities. Individual members of the team are also very active in organizing social good projects and community initiatives. When there is a need for it, the Sorsogon team also provides very essential support for Bike Scouts riding teams that pass through their area on the way to the Visayas and other places in the Philippines. For more information please message Kareen Mercado, Bhisoy Escobedo, or Alo Baron directly on Facebook.

Bike Scouts East Samar: Community Projects and Disaster Response, Eastern Samar, Philippines (active)

Bike Scouts Eastern Samar and Bike Scouts Borongan has the distinction of organizing the first province-wide adoption of bicycle mobility in the Philippines completed in record time with the full support and participation of local communities, local businesses, religious organizations, and government as well as community leaders. This was made possible by adopting the Bike Scouts proposal of a community-driven and culture-based approach to bicycle mobility adoption with community engagement and culture creation at its core. Bike Scouts East Samar started the work on bicycle mobility by simply getting their local community and decision makers together on regular bike rides where they talked about how to make things happen. In a matter of a few months, Borongan was officially declared a bicycle city and the province passed an ordinance for full adoption and support of bicycles as a primary means of mobility. Bike Scouts East Samar and Borongan are also very active together with local partners such as the Barbie Riders in organizing community projects for social good, environmental sustainability and protection, and have been a very important part of the Bike Scouts’ work of typhoon and disaster monitoring in real time. For more information please message Benjie Panaguiton, Neil Pinarok/ Barbie Riders, Rheya Alura-Ortego, or Jeffrey Espora/ Barbie Riders directly on Facebook.

Steve Manzano: Environmental Advocacy, Cavite, Philippines (active)

Steve Manzano operates a coffe, art, and culture project called Ginhawa Arts and Crafts Cafe Stop on regular days but he also leads environmental sustainability initiatives and social good activities such as organizing donations of protective mask donations and other supplies in his community and surrounding areas in Cavite, Philippines. Steve often uses the hashtag “saveyourdreams” for his projects. For more information please message Steve Manzano directly on Facebook.

Engr. David De Leon: Pandemic Response, Iloilo City, Philippines (completed)

Engr. David Robert A. De Leon represents Bike Scouts in Iloilo City in Panay Island, Philippines. Together with other Bike Scouts such as Pyt Trimanez and local cycling organizations David helped source much needed bicycles for the mobility of frontline health and medical workers during the height of the lockdown related to the Covid-19 global pandemic. David also works as a faculty member of the Central Philippine University in Iloilo City. For more information please message David De Leon directly on Facebook.

Reynaldo Tarubal: Ride for a Cause, Aparri, Philippines (completed)

Reynaldo Tarubal organized and rode solo for 23 days covering 3,000 kilometers across the Philippines to help raise awareness and support for Covid-19 vaccine supplies for the indigenous people of the Sierra Madre mountain rainge in the Philippines including the Agta Tribe. Reynaldo started his ride in Baggao, Cagayan and finished in General Santos City in Mindanao making time to stop for a cup of coffee on the slopes of Mount Apo, the Philippines’ highest mountain. For more information please message Reynaldo Tarubal directly on Facebook.

There are many more Bike Scouts volunteers, teams, and communities across the Philippines and around the world that deserve to be included in this list for the kind and generous things they do every day, wherever they are, from donating to disaster victims, charity organizations or even just their neighbors or strangers they meet that are in need of help. Please give us time to add more Bike Scouts to the list.

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