What is a Happygram?

A Happygram for one person (₱350 or $7.50ea) is a great way to cheer-up, surprise somebody, or just show appreciation for what a person is doing in his community. This will include a personalized note, a coffee or other beverage, and a sandwich, slice of cake, or other similar item. It’s a small thing but it’s a great way to send moral support to somebody doing something awesome.

A Happygram for a group (₱1,500 or $31 for up to 5 persons, ₱5,000 or $104 for groups up to 30 persons) is meant for school teachers or an entire class of students (you can also send enough for an entire school if you like!). Of course, you can choose your own preference of recipient/s as well. The cost of a Happygram for groups may only equal the amount we spend for groceries or maybe a good quality pair of shoes, but for the people who receive your gift it’s a very memorable moment that lets them know that someone in the world appreciates the effort they’re making to do something worthwhile!

From all of us at Bike Scouts, thank you so much for your generous support! For transparency and your peace of mind, Bike Scouts only takes 1% of the delivery fee, 14% goes to the delivery team who will arrange for everything and deliver your Happygram.

How does it work?

It’s very simple: When you purchase a Happygram package we match your order with a Bike Scouts team that’s local to the place where you want your Happygram delivered. The team will arrange for everything that’s needed and will ride out and deliver the package in your name. We will include the schedule and details about the contents of the package in the confirmation email that we will send you. Where possible, we can arrange for a short livestream of the delivery. Otherwise, we will send you photos and a short description about the delivery. For questions or concerns please send us a message. For business-related inquiries please visit Bike Scouts for Brands.

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