What is a Happygram?

A Happygram is a unique way to send happiness and hope out into the world by helping give access to food and other essential things that the Bike Scouts community and teams can help deliver in their respective areas. If you need help finding where to start doing good please check out our Hall of Heroes!

How does it work?

It’s very simple: Bike Scouts is partnered with local businesses in selected places where there are active Bike Scouts volunteer bicycle messenger teams. You can purchase a Happygram Postage Stamp that will allow Bike Scouts teams to purchase and deliver food or other supplies you specify to people or communities that you pick to be the beneficiary of your Happygram.

Happygram Postage Stamps are digital stamps that are also available as stickers if you would like to receive one for every stamp that you purchase. We make it optional for people to receive the physical stickers because some want to avoid the environmental impact of shipping. Alternatively, we can also send you a digital thank you note with a digital stamp attached to confirm your purchase of a Happygram. Payment method is indicated at the bottom of the order form. For business-related inquiries please visit Bike Scouts for Brands.

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