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Welcome to Bike Scouts HERO SCHOOL! The faculty lounge is still being painted and furniture is being moved in. It’s so new you can smell the newness of it!

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Team & Community Curriculum

Hero School is a place to learn about all of the collected skills, knowledge, and experiences of the Bike Scouts community over almost a decade of doing good, saving lives, and making things possible for everyone.

Hero School is a learning experience like no other because all of the lessons are taught by people while they’re actually out in the real world doing the things that they are sharing. As they say, there is no better teacher than life. We hope you can join us!


Before we start, tell us a little about yourself!

Some useful reminders:

🎤 Please mute your microphone unless it’s your turn to speak.

💬 Feel free to use the chat to post comments and questions, but always keep it respectful and on-topic.

☕ Have a beverage or water ready before the session starts for your convenience.

▶ Please take note that the learning session is being recorded.

✌ Ready? Start by selecting the activity you want to join.

Available Classes

Activity 1: Introduction to Bike Scouts 📹 ZOOM LINK: To be posted

❶ Volunteer Bicycle Messengers

❷ Your community as a Network of Support

❸ Energizer Activity: To be posted

❹ Disaster Monitoring & Reporting (Activity)

❺ Q&A/Chat with participants

COURSE MATERIALS: Learn more (link) About Us, Download the (link) Membership Kit to learn more about how we do our work. Read and watch about the Bike Scouts in the Media. Study Kit: Available Soon.

Facilitator: To be posted

Lecturer/s: Myles Delfin, Lou Gepuela, this section will be updated

Before you go, we just wanted to say we hope you had fun!

Please don’t forget to participate in the exit survey to get a chance to win in the raffle!

Activity 1: Introduction to Bike Scouts

・ Volunteer Bicycle Messengers

・ Community as a Network of Support

・ Disaster Monitoring & Reporting (Activity)

Activity 2: Road Safety & Urban Riding

・ Bicycle Basics: Cycling is a Social Activity

・ Regulations, Infrastructure, & Signage (Familiarity Course)

・ Urban Bike Commuting & Long Distance Travel

・ Unspoken Rules of Cycling & Habits for Safety

Activity 3: Emergency Skills for Cyclists

・ Basic First-Aid

・ CPR Familiarity

・ Wounds, Cuts, & Scrapes

Activity 4: Advanced Bicycle Skills

・ Always start with the basics

・ Feathering & Braking Techniques

・ Track Stand Technique

・ Drops and Step Downs

Activity 5: Bicycles for Disaster Preparedness & Response

・ Introduction to Disaster Response & Resilience

・ Disaster Communications (Radio)

・ Photo & Video Documentation for Reporting

・ Bike Scouts disaster reporting app

Activity 6: Photography & Video for Cyclists

・ Introduction to photography & video using a mobile phone

・ Basic composition & Framing

・ Basic content production for social media

Activity 7: Special Guest AMA

Available Soon!

Workshop: Mental Health & Wellness in your community 📹 ZOOM LINK: To be posted

Workshop: Leadership for doing good and Social Teamwork 📹 ZOOM LINK: To be posted

Workshop: Equality, Inclusion, and Creating a Sense of Community 📹 ZOOM LINK: To be posted

Workshop: Home-Grown Food and Backyard Sustainability 📹 ZOOM LINK: To be posted

Workshop: English Conversation for students 📹 ZOOM LINK: To be posted

Hero School Library

The librarian is very busy stocking the shelves with dusty books. Check back again soon!

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