TYPHOON YOLANDA RESPONSE (2013) Bike Scouts is a social platform for doing good, and the community on the platform makes it possible for the Bike Scouts to organize initiatives that help solve local challenges and provide a community-based disaster preparedness and response. Bike Scouts serve as the only continuously-operating Volunteer Bicycle Messenger service for disaster response in the world with a nationwide membership and presence in the Philippines. One of its biggest accomplishments is the response for Typhoon Yolanda in 2013. Deployed on the day the Bike Scouts was formed, seven Bike Scouts teams helped provide an alternative means of access to communications and essential supplies for people and places isolated by the category-5 typhoon.

TAAL VOLCANO ERUPTION (2020) Taal Volcano in Batangas province in the Philippines erupted on the afternoon of January 12, 2020 with the alert level set by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) at Alert Level 4. Taal Volcano is locate in the middle of Taal Lake which is a caldera that filled up with water over time. Taal volcano is the second most active volcano in the country with 38 recorded historical eruptions. During the eruption, roads were closed and people who were late to evacuate were stranded inside the danger zone without access to essential supplies. During this time, Bike Scouts was the only operating formal delivery system inside the affected areas providing an alternative means of access to critical emergency supplies and communication. The Bike Scouts’ work included the rescue of left-behind and abandoned animals and pets.

BICYCLE DONATIONS (Ongoing) Bike Scouts regularly partners with corporations and brands to help provide a genuine way to make an impact in communities. One of the most important work with do with businesses is the ongoing bicycle donation initiative that provdes mobility for school kids and people in communities who have to walk long distances for school or work. Bike Scouts believes in the power of mobility to create opportunity everywhere. By working with businesses, Bike Scouts is able to maintain the sustainability of the project while providing regular and long-term monitoring for donor companies by including a “Team Bike Scouts” membersip workshop for all recipients. The workshop includes training on bicycle safety and maintenance basics and also how to use bicycles for local disaster preparedness and response as Bike Scouts members.

COMMUNITY-BASED DISASTER RESPONSE & MONITORING (Ongoing) For almost a decade, Bike Scouts teams based across the Philippines have been actively deployed in their own areas in almost all the major disaster events in the country. The Philippines is a country where 74% of the population are vulnerable to disasters every year, even more so now in the time of the Climate Crisis. By organizing local teams and providing support, access to knowledge, training, partnerships and a global network for social teamwork. Bike Scouts is a community-based system that works because the people closest to a disaster are always the first to know when it happens and where help is needed. Using the Bike Scouts mobile app and partner platforms such as Facebook, local teams of Bike Scouts are able to share immediately critical information that helps rescuers, humanitarian organizations, and nearby volunteers act efficiently and effectively.

DISASTER DATA COLLECTION & ANALYSIS (Ongoing) Bike Scouts optimizes its network of teams and volunteers in its work of providing a unique and effective source of local context to disaster information. Bike Scouts works with its local teams to monitor disasters in real-time when and where it happens. The data that the Bike Scouts collect of the impact of disasters provide a better view of vulnerabilities, challenges, and gaps for partner organizations that allow them to work better and more efficiently. Bike Scouts handle the collection of information and we work with partners such as Spain-based Fields Data for analysis and data visualization, among other partners that are experts in the field. View UNOCHA CoPCE report on Covid-19 response and 3W Report with data collected by Bike Scouts.

COMMUNITY-LED INITIATIVES (Ongoing) Bike Scouts is an active community of people from all ages and walks of life that have discovered the power of working together as a community to solve local challenges. Bike Scouts from across the Philippines have been working on countless local initiatives in their own areas for almost a decade such as coastal clean-up initiatives, plastc waste collection, nutrition programs, education projects, and one of the biggest accomplishments of the community is the province-wide adoption of bicycle mobility in Eastern Samar province in the Visayas region of the country. Bike Scouts Borongan, Bike Scouts East Samar, and Bike Scouts Barbie Riders worked to make bicycle mobility a reality in their province. The most amazing thing about Bike Scouts community-led projects is that they are all planned, implemented, and accomplished individual members and teams of the Bike Scouts that are 100% local in the communities where they make a difference!

Bike Scouts is a Securities and Exchange Commission registered non-profit company in the Philippines, Unit 3006, 30th Floor, One Corporate Center, Meralco Avenue corner Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605