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If you’re a brand, established company, or a startup looking to have a social good component that directly impacts the lives of communities where you do business, we’d like to invite you to become a part of the Bike Scouts community in making a difference. The benefits of working with the Bike Scouts are many, but here are just a few that are most important:


1. You get to launch your social good initiative to an initial audience that is already fully-engaged. You don’t have to spend a great amount of money on marketing or complicated incentives to get people to participate, we can help you go from idea to launch in the most efficient way possible.


2. The Bike Scouts’ community members are highly-influential in their communities because of their involvement in social good. Your brand automatically gets the benefits of local relevance and visibility.


3. The Bike Scouts can provide measurable results and real-time tracking of what you’d like to achieve for social good, whether it’s for food sustainability, disaster preparedness, education access, bicycle mobility, mobile libraries, or many other projects and initiatives the Bike Scouts allows you to be present where it matters.


1. Participate in the “Ripple of Kindness” workshop, a one-day event you can have in your own office or a venue that fits your company’s aspirations for social good! Ripple of Kindness workshop is an immersive event where participants get the chance to learn a new way of looking at making a difference in the world in terms of scale, relevance, and possibility.


2. Participate in the “Hero School” event, an overnight weekend event where participants can experience a Bike Scouts team deployment in a safe and educational environment. Ride out, camp out, and do good things for others as a Bike Scouts Pathfinder Team. Hero School is also available as a school activity that can be tailored to a specific school requirement.


3. Participate in any of the flagship projects of the Bike Scouts project that includes food sustainability through the Bike Scouts Gardens, Education & Arts through the Bike Scouts Bicycle Library, or Community Engagement through the annual Bicycle & Lantern Festival and the Midnight Ride, among other events.

The Bike Scouts Project is a growing community of passionate people and communities that are fully-engaged and highly-active in doing things that make a difference in the world. From disaster response to food sustainability and social good, the Bike Scouts community thrives in an environment of collaboration in building a kinder and more sustainable world.

Your support and participation in the Bike Scouts community means a great deal, please feel free to send us an email if you’d like to know more about how the Bike Scouts can help turn your CSR into something uniquely original and genuinely relevant.