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THE BIKE SCOUTS PROJECT is a social platform for life in the age of new realities, it’s a springboard for ideas, collaborations, and style of living made for the challenges of the climate crisis, the negative aspects of social media, and the ever-growing need for everyone to think and act like a real community.


The platform is free to use and open to all, with resilient mobility using bicycles as a core value of the community and the adoption of the common good as the only currency for social relevance. The Bike Scouts’ mobile-app-based social platform will launch in the last quarter of 2019.




The Bike Scouts Project is a community that is built on the idea of making a difference, wherever we are with whatever we have. This is why the work that we do is crowdsourced, we share in making the positive things that we want to see in the world. The first thing to do is to Join the Bike Scouts community on Facebook!


Once you’re signed up, you can jump right in and join the many conversations the different Bike Scouts communities and teams have every day on the group page. This is the best way to stay connected until we launch our mobile app. Feel free to learn, share, or get involved in any of the things that community is doing at any time. If you choose, you can also help us expand our community by forming a local team in your area!





If you are a brand, business, or an organization that is looking to collaborate, sponsor, or support the Bike Scouts and its goals we’d be very happy to hear from you (! The management team of The Bike Scouts Project is composed of professionals with extensive experience in project implementation for social good and other projects, content production, event management, speaking engagements about the Bike Scouts, and we can also help your organization learn more about leadership, social good participation, cycling, and how to think and act as a community and as a team through our Hero School Workshops. Your support goes a long way in helping the Bike Scouts make positive things happen everyday! Check out our Projects Page to see what you can support.




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