Borongan City – Bike City “Share The Road” Project

Bike Scouts Borongan has successfully helped make Borongan a bicycle mobility city by creating a genuine collaboration between the Bike Scouts, the local community, and city leaders. The Bike Scouts also helped connect The City of Borongan with our partners from the Embassy of Denmark in the Philippines who organized a Mobility Webinar called “The Future of Mobility” together with mobility and design experts Marianne Weinreich of Ramboll Group, a leading engineering, architecture and consultancy company in Denmark, and Lasse Schelde, CEO of Moving Spaces, Board member Cycling Embassy of Denmark, Architect, Urban Planner, sustainable mobility expert and Co-founder of Bicycle Innovation Lab. Borongan City is now in the process of implementing the inclusions of the bicycle mobility city ordinance that the Bike Scouts helped create. The city recently helped organize an event to promote the concept of “Share The Road” attended by all the cycling groups and bicycle commuters in their community. The work continues, and the next step for Bike Scouts Borongan. East Samar is the province-wide adoption of the bicycle mobility initiative which is now under consideration by the office of the Provincial Governor and the Provincial Council. Latest Update: The Bike Scouts bicycle initiative in Easter Samar, Philippines was approved 17 October 2020. Eastern Samar is now the first place in the Philippines to achieve province-wide adoption of bicycle mobility. See all project updates!

Akita Inaka Language and Culture Partnership

Bike Scouts recently partnered with the Akita Inaka School of Japan to bring aspects of Japanese language and culture to the Bike Scouts community to learn more about people and cultures that practice a strong sense of community and sense of responsibility for others – the qualities that the Bike Scouts community itself is based upon. By learning the language Bike Scouts can understand better the context of the cultural influences that help make Japan more adaptive to natural disasters through commmunity habits and instincts that evolved over many generations. The hope is that the Bike Scouts can absord the positive things from the learning experience and understand how they can practiced in the daily lives of Bike Scouts wherever they are. The Akita Inaka School works to provide the most immersive language & cultural experience to its students through actual community experience in Akita Prefecture (秋田県), Japan.

Sampaloc Manila Christmas Ride

This is the second year of the Bike Scouts Sampaloc (Manila) Christmas Ride. The team is currently looking for donations in cash or in kind that will be used for their annual gift distribution drive for street children on December 19th. This project is part of the Bike Scouts Midnight Ride initiative that’s now on its 7th year of providing a Christmas experience for less fortunate children and their families that have to spend the holidays sleeping without a home, food, or basic essentials. Donations of biscuits, candies, canned food, packed noodles, school supplies, and because of the pandemic, protective masks and faceshields are also good things to give.

Community Support, School Supplies, and Bicycle Donations

The Covid Pandemic has caused far-reaching challenges for a lot of people for the long term. One of the most immediate needs are food and medicine, and Bike Scouts has been doing its best to source and provide these needs to as many people as possible. However, the support that’s needed goes beyond just one day or a few weeks, people need help to survive while they have no options so that they will be able to help themselves when there is an opportunity for them. We are looking for donations of biscuits, canned food, packed noodles, rice, powdered milk, 3-in-1 coffee, powdered chocolate drink, diapers, feminine hygiene products and other essentials. Equally important at this time is support for schools and students in the forms of office materials like bond paper, printer ink, desktop printers, bicycles for mobility and others.

Bike Scouts Bicycle Library

The Bike Scouts is maintaining a stock of books collected during the pandemic that will be distributed to selected communities through a Bookcase Library concept – an extension of the regular Bike Scouts mobile (bicycle) library. Bike Scouts is constantly looking for donations of high-quality reading materials, specifically story books and books with high-educational value, and also crayons and paper stock (pad paper or bond paper) for library activities.

Batanes Water Supply

Itbayat Island has been experiencing a severe water shortage because of drought caused by a lack of rain. There are water sources on the island that can be tapped to supply local need and the original plan was just to provide basic materials to extract the water. However, the cost and distance of the initiative makes it more practical now to provide a more long-term solution that can be pre-positioned for a similar crisis in the future. Bike Scouts is currently working to deliver available materials as soon as additional equipment and supplies can be sourced and delivered to make this possible. Project timeline will be announced as soon as supplies are confirmed.

Cycling Route Mapping

The Bike Scouts has been working with San Francisco-based SmartCT and other partners in creating a database of bicycle routes, road safety requirements, and potential risks even before the Covid pandemic. We are working to come up with a plan that will allow us to safely restart this program and continue the work of collecting data. The information that we gather will be used to inform our policy and design initiatives related to sustainable mobility and disaster response, it will be used to produce visualizations that will help the public understand the information better and be able to use it in their everyday lives.

Road Safety Education and Training

Bike Scouts is partnered with the Philippine College of Surgeons, Philippine Red Cross, and the UP Resilience Institute in creating an educational and training platform for road safety and emergency response skills for people who ride bicycles for mobility. The main goal of the project is to create a contact point between the public and the information and skills that they need to be safe on the road while cycling. More information will be posted as soon as the project is officially launched.

Disaster Response Training (Deployment Team)

Training and certification for the Bike Scouts deployment team (Volunteer Bicycle Messengers/ Pathfinder) is currently on hold until there is clearance from medical experts that it’s safe to organize public events that require close contact. As of now, the work is focused on gathering support for the material needs of the deployment team as well as expanding the membership of the Bike Scouts community to have a wider selection pool for this specialized work.

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