KOM Leaderboard 2021: Rider names are arranged in order of registration
No. Name Status Altitude
001 Jeremiah Glenn Martinez Jansalin Active N/A
002 Francis Gideon Repedro Active N/A
003 Clemente Blanco Challenge Completed 3,241m
004 Vicson Añonuevo Challenge Completed 3,709m
005 Mark Philip Garcia Active N/A
006 Manuel Aga Jr. Active N/A
007 Adrian Lopez Delantar Active N/A


Welcome to the Bike Scouts King of the Mountains event! This is a community event that’s meant to be fun. This is not a competition against others but rather it’s a test for yourself with the chance to gain the first ever Bike Scouts merit badge for cycling. The Bike Scouts KOM event will also feature other Philippine mountains in the future. This is a FREE event!

RULE 1: Sign-up for the Bike Scouts Facebook group page and our soon to be launched social app. You will need to have your name registered through both these platforms to claim your participation kit at the end of event (certificate, stickers, and a big discount for the event shirt). NOTE: The participation kit is 100% FREE, the finisher’s shirt is available for purchase.

RULE 2: Fill up the registration form available on this page. MAKE SURE that you indicate the ride tracking platform that you will be using for this event so that we can verify your achievement. At the end of the event come back to this page to upload a screenshot of your total recorded altitude for the duration of the event (March 17 – April 30, 2021) for final verification.

RULE 3: Go out and ride at your own time and pace using routes of your own choosing between now and April 30, 2021 to accumulate a total altitude equal to the height of Mount Apo in Mindanao Island, Philippines (2,954 metres/ 9,692 feet). Participation kits will only be available after April 30th, before then the names of those who finish early will appear in the official leaderboard on this page.

RULE 4: Before each ride you make, please make sure that you are fit and ready for the ride. Always make sure that you inform someone responsible for you of your intended route and expected time of return from your ride. Always carry a mobile phone, some cash, and an identification card for safety. Wear a mask and make sure that you practice all safety protocols against infection from Covid-19.

RULE 5: This is not an organized event where the organizers can provide safety equipment, security, or emergency services at any given time. Because of this, Bike Scouts and it’s officers, partners and suppliers are not liable for any damage or loss of equipment, personal injury, or death that may occur in the act of participation. By registering for this event you recognize and accept full personal responsibility for your participation. As a matter of safety, this event is open to participants 18 years old or above. If you are younger than this age you may ride your bicycle as part of this event and qualify for the rewards, as it is your legal right to ride a bicycle anytime and anywhere, but make sure that you ask your parents or guardian to give you permission to ride with their support and presence.

Thank you, and ride safe! See you at the finish line on April 30!

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