Bike Scouts Community Membership Map. Post disaster reports to Live Map.

Join the Bike Scouts Operations Center Channel:

Post image reports to the Live Map. Sign-up to be a Station Manager in your area by completing this Station Manager Application. Information shared through this channel is considered confidential unless indicated.


What is a Station Manager?

Bike Scouts Station Managers perform the very important task of linking the communications network of the Bike Scouts. Station Managers are a vital link in the network that keeps the entire community connected when Bike Scouts teams are operational in the field, you will also be our link and official source of information and data during disaster monitoring situations and for other projects that require constant monitoring.

Bike Scouts Station Managers may be requested to check-in at least once a month or prior to an official Bike Scouts deployment or in preparation for a disaster event or project. Each Station Manager is assigned his or her unique Station Confirmation Number (SCN) as a way to guarantee the authenticity of check-ins.

Thank you so much for signing-up, Welcome to the Bike Scouts Communications Network.

Task Manager

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