The Bike Scouts Pathfinder Teams deploy in the aftermath of natural disasters where there is a need for the services of Volunteer Bicycle Messengers to provide an alternative means of communication. Pathfinder Teams are focused on information delivery and data collection that can assist in disaster mapping for organizations and agencies that respond to the humanitarian needs of people. To determine if a deployment is justified, Bike Scouts Pathfinder Teams follow the following checklist:

If it is determined that there is a need for deployment Bike Scouts Pathfinder Teams will coordinate with Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, Army, Marines, or private transport partner for transfer of equipment and personnel to a staging area nearest to the disaster site. Once an operating camp is established and stocked with supplies, Pathfinder Teams will deploy into the field to perform their work. Pathfinder Teams focus on the following tasks:

The Bike Scouts Pathfinder Teams are communications and data teams, focused on disaster mapping, search and rescue is not part of the work of Bike Scouts except in situations where there is absolutely no other options available. Additionally, Bike Scouts teams do not render medical or emergency response medicine or procedures. Exceptions can be made for specific requirements that are absolutely necessary and within the level of competent proficiency of an individual team. The sole training and certification partners for Bike Scouts are Goozam and Zion Emergency and Disaster Response Unit (ZEDRU).

The Bike Scouts Pathfinder Teams operate in the field supported by a self-sufficient mobile satellite IP facility provided by a media partner, which gives the Bike Scouts access to the internet and electrical power virtually anywhere. All communications and data are uploaded to the Central Dispatch and Media Partner for processing, production, and action. Bike Scouts uses bicycles for mobility and access and portable technology for communications and support.