“Where the needs of the world and our talents meet, there lies our vocation.”*

Bike Scouts is a social platform where everyone can take the initiative or participate in doing good, but more importantly it’s a first-of-its-kind platform where social impact becomes sustainable. We’re able to do this by “helping brands do good where they do business” © as a platform where people and business can collaborate on making a real difference when and where it actually matters. Bike Scouts work with people directly so partner companies can focus on doing good where they do business.


People in communities know more than anyone else what’s needed to make life better or how to solve local problems and challenges. This matters to businesses because it’s these everyday local challenges that shape the reason and capacity of people to support brands and products. Bike Scouts is a platform where people and business can come together to make a difference through “social teamwork” ©, and this is what makes BIke Scouts the perfect platform for brands and businesses to join the conversation and participate in hyper-local action in a real, sustainable, and tangible way.

Since 2013, the Bike Scouts platform and its nationwide community in the Philippines has been at the frontlines of community-based disaster response and the work of addressing the climate crisis. This has been possible through our collaborations with partner brands and organisations such as The Makati Business Club, Philippine Business for Social Progress, Standard Chartered Bank, Filinvest Malls, Decathlon, and many others that have made it possible to bring bicycle mobility to places where they provide access to opportunity and helps make community-based disaster preparedness and response the difference between resilience and vulnerability to severe disasters.


• Social purpose strategy, planning, and activations for brands

• Sustainability, resilience, and bicycle mobility adoption workshops

• Sustainability and bicycle mobility partnership for brands

• Disaster resilience & response partnership for brands

The Bike Scouts is a first-of-its-kind platform that provides an existing framework for impact through a highly-engaged nationwide community. We help companies do good where they do business efficiently, effectively, and for the long-term by providing a space for social teamwork. Bike Scouts is the next step and most efficient form of corporate social response and component for ESG.


If your brand or business is looking for a way to participate in genuine community-based problem-solving and action for sustainability, resilience, and active mobility we would love to work with you! Send us a message through dispatch@bikescouts.org

Facebook Community Accelerator Program APAC/Philippines Cohort with Meta team and the Bike Scouts in Manila.

Bike Scouts is vetted by Global Giving, an international non-profit platform that helps donors make safe and easy US tax-deductible donations to vetted, locally-driven organizations around the world. Donate to Global Giving!

*Author or source of quote unknown