Bike Scouts is a better way to connect with others, we are a global community for doing local good. We strive to become better inhabitants of the planet by being a better version of ourselves. We’re very happy you can join us! Please download the Bike Scouts APP BASICS manual and then download the Bike Scouts App from Google Play or from Apple Testflight for iOS devices.

IMPORTANT: Access to the app is “invite-only” to guarantee that all users on the platform are real accounts. You can try to log-in after filling up the form below, or you can wait for our email confirming that you’ve been granted access to the app. Thank you for your patience!

What is the Bike Scouts platform?


Bike Scouts work as any other social platform does. As a member, you can share pictures and words about things that interest you or are important to you. However, we kindly ask every member to consider before posting anything if what they’re about to share will help make the day better for others, or be be better informed in the proper way. If not, it’s better not to share it at all. Bike Scouts was built to provide a better place for everyone to be connected, and to make that possible we have to work together to maintain a culture of mindfulness where the feelings, peace of mind, and quality of life of others is the only consideration for anything that we do on the platform. We are all equal as Bike Scouts, as long as we are all equally good and equally safe from mis-information, harassment, bullying, arrogance, and any form of threat.


What makes the Bike Scouts a better social platform?


The Bike Scouts community has been working together to do good for almost a decade, long before the first line of code was even written to build the actual platform – and that’s the big difference. The Bike Scouts is a community that’s driven by the sole purpose of doing good, there’s no need to be popular or viral to be an important part of it. When you sign up, you’re joining a community that works as a global network of support that helps turn intention into action. As a Bike Scout, anyone can make a real difference wherever they are in the world by simply being connected to the Bike Scouts’ platform for global teamwork.


What does the platform do?


The Bike Scouts app is a platform for social interaction, but more importantly it’s a way for Bike Scouts members to help monitor and document disaster events locally as they happen. Any Bike Scout who happens to be in the same area as a flood, earthquake, typhoon, or other disaster can simply take a photo with his or her mobile device and share it on the Bike Scouts app. The difference between sharing disaster data or information on the Bike Scouts app rather than any other social media network is that the Bike Scouts app is directly connected to local Bike Scouts teams on the ground, individual experts, organizations, and agencies that can actually take action based on the information that we share as volunteers or citizen reporters.


Unlike traditional social media and other apps that are only meant to collect information and spread awareness, the Bike Scouts app works as an actual response management tool for people who are actually trained, equipped, and pre-positioned to help. The Bike Scouts is an actual disaster data initiative with a working response component, we don’t just collect stories to help us promote a social media channel or drive traffic for our content – this is actually what we do and we are partnered with established organizations such as the Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR), UNOCHA, MovePH, Rapid Emergency Telecommunications Team (RETT), Zion Emergency and Disaster Response Unit (ZEDRU), and Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) among many others that are focused on providing direct support, rescue, and aid.


How do you use the platform?


On ordinary days, you can use your phone’s camera to take photos of your everyday life, bicycle rides, and other things that you can post on the app to share knowledge about your part of the world. This helps everyone become better informed about the different things and places that can be found nearby or in other places, whether as points of interest that we can visit, things we can try, or as knowledge that can help us thrive in the event of emergencies and disasters.


During or after disaster events, you can use your phone’s camera to post a disaster report by taking photos of infrastructure damage and public needs like food, shelter, water, and medicine that needs to reach people and agencies that can help. To make the report useful, always remember to activate the geotag option so that all of your photo reports will automatically include a time and date stamp as well as the location on a digital map. This is very important because knowing all of these details makes the work of diaster response faster and more efficient – it gets help to where it’s needed quickly.


What about transparency and personal data security?


Bike Scouts does not have any algorithm that tracks your personal activities on the app or elsewhere on the internet or through your mobile device. We are committed to being 100% transparent with how we handle and use any data that the app may collect as part of its routine functions, we do this by posting a semi-annual audit of what kind of data we handle and how it was used. Bike Scouts does not store any personal data in any form without asking for permission from its users and community members in a transparent and easily-understandable way.


Is the app and its features free?


Yes, the Bike Scouts is 100% free for all eternity. The Bike Scouts does not collect any kind of membership fee, usage fee, or other fees from its users and community members. Likewise, Bike Scouts does not collect any kind of donation without providing a clear and public description of what the donation will be used for and what donors will get in return. This is important because Bike Scouts is not a charity organization. When we do collaborate with the community we make sure that goals and mechanics are clear and that we can guarantee benefit of fair or equal value for those that help out.

For questions, concerns, or anything you’d like to ask us about the app please send us a message through community(a)

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