Batanes Coastal Cleanup

Basco, Batanes Islands The local Bike Scouts team composed of members of Batanes Riders organized a clean-up of a portion of the coastline near Basco. The work resulted in the collection of an incredible amount of ocean waste, particularly plastic waste that came drifted from other countries. Bike Scouts Batanes will be the pilot project team for the Bike Scouts’ Ocean Waste Initiative that will be collecting data about the source of the plastic waste. The data will be used in working with brands that produce the materials found on Batanes’ beaches. This will hopefully be the basis for collaboration with brands in the Philippines and other countries to take action with local communities and governments to better manage the plastic waste that ends up in the ocean.

All photos by Xhai Vie of Batanes Riders/ Bike Scouts BATANES

Guiuan Beach Cleanup

Guiuan, Eastern Samar The local Bike Scouts team in Guiuan organized a beach clean-up project on one of the many beaches in their part of Eastern Samar. Guiuan is a Municipality that includes the islands of Calicoan which is known for its surfing, and Homonhon where Ferdinand Magellan is believed to have landed for the first time in the Philippines in the 16th century. In World War II, Guiuan served as an important base for American forces when they fought the Japanese Army to retake the Philippines. Bike Scouts Guiuan has a long term partnership with the local community of the area covered by the clean-up to sustain their environmental protection effort. The beach clean-up activity include Orland Quesada and new members of the Bike Scouts in Guiuan: Leonora Isabela Ayllon Herrera, Marjorie Joy Matoza, Jestatly Joseph Abogadie, and their youngest member Irish Christian D. Quesada

All photos by Orland Quesada of Bike Scouts GUIUAN

Eastern Samar Adventure Ride

Eastern Samar (Secret Location) The Bike Scouts team in Eastern Samar is particularly active in organizing adventure rides around their province that can be considered as one of the best natural places in the Philippines. In particular is the The Samar Island Natural Park (SINP) which is the largest contiguous tract of old-growth forest in the Philippines. It is the country’s largest terrestrial protected area, with an area of 333,300 hectares. This particular ride is at an undisclosed location because of the security risk posed by a local insurgency. The participants of this ride are local to the area and are familiar with the necessary things to know and do when riding in places such as this one.

All photos by Anna Fair Marasigan of Bike Scouts EAST SAMAR

Northern Cebu Solo Ride

Tabogon, Northern Cebu This particular ride in the scenic roads of Northern Cebu in the Philippines is at least 40kms long round-trip from Bogo City to Tabogon. The municipality of Tabogon is bordered by the the Camotes Sea in the east. The area offers historic sites, dazzling beaches, cold springs, scenic hills and the beautiful Salag Mangrove Park that can be accessed via a hanging bridge where both ends are enveloped by forest trees.

All photos by Janreil Amistoso of Bike Scouts CEBU

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