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The Bike Scouts East Samar team participated in a coastal clean-up event in Borongan City recently, this is in support of the Earth Hour ride they are organizing this coming March 30-31 2019 around Borongan and other places in Eastern Samar. With the goal of “Suppoprting local tourism, enhancing responsible and resilient bicycling,” the event features a “Bikeco Tour,” Earth Hour Night Ride, and a Disaster Bike Challenge. For a minimal registration fee of P150, participants receive a food stub, event certificate, participation in a bike clinic, and a chance to win a mountain bike! Participants can avail of an optional Earth Hour jersey from Habagat. For inquiries and registrations please contact Rheya Castillo Alura through Facebook or Benjie Panaguiton (09063435737) Please check out the Bike Scouts East Samar team page on Facebook and give them a “like!”

All photos by Bike Scouts East Samar.

The Bike Scouts Project is working with the “I Am Climate Justice initiative to promote a campaign to engage Filipino youth to take part in demanding for a legal option to protect the world’s climate for future generations. So far, the campaign has included the Bike Scouts in major events at the University of Makati, A-HA! Learning Center, Philippine Normal University, and the Far Eastern University in Manila.

The Bike Scouts bicycle library is now on regular rotation in several sites around Pacita Complex, San Pedro, Laguna where our Central Dispatch is based. With a package of storybooks from Bike Scouts partner organization READ Philippines and a supply of art materials, the bicycle library has already attracted a regular crowd of kids that have rediscovered the joy of reading. The main site for the bicycle library is just outside the original Bike Scouts garden, in a playground under large trees where kids usually gather every afternoon. This summer, the bicycle library will host a free art and reading workshop for kids.

The Bike Scouts now manage two working gardens in San Pedro, Laguna with a third one that will soon be prepared for planting. Our first garden in the Phase 4-A area of Pacita Complex now includes a Hydrophonics Shed and a wide variety of edible plants like Lettuce, Pechay, Arugula, and other vegetables. The Bike Scouts garden in the Phase-6 Zone 2 area of Pacita Complex, meanwhile, includes a full-scale greenhouse, park, and campgrounds. Already in the planning stage is an organic fertilizer processing area, a community cottage, and wifi internet access for the park and campground area of the garden.

Bike Scouts recently got the opportunity to collaborate with the “I Am Climate Justice” project. We were invited to give a talk about our work and advocacy at the University of Makati. It was a great way to connect with the students of the university and talk to them about setting up a Bike Scouts team on campus. The administration of the school as well as officials of the City of Makati have expressed their support for the Bike Scouts, we are now in the process of finalizing partnerships.

Bike Scouts collaborated with the A-HA! Learning Center in Makati City to organize a talk for Far Eastern University students and a community activity with kids from a community in Santa Mesa, Manila in cooperation with the Missionaries for the Poor. We are hoping to work with A-HA! Learning Center in bringing their very essential advocacy of after-school tutorials to our communities.

The Bike Scouts project has formally partnered with Silver Star Shuttle & Tours Bus Company for the delivery of aid supplies in support of deployments for natural disaster events. The partnership also includes the transport of materials and other supplies for local Bike Scouts teams in the many communities between Manila and the Visayas that are served by the Silver Star bus company. In addition, new an exciting things are happening this year through the Bike Scouts’ partnership with Southwoods Mall and Megaworld Lifestyle Malls. 2019 will see the launch of new bicycle access facilities in Southwoods and the launch of new and flagship projects and events at the Southwoods Mall Atrium and other locations within the mall and estate.


Bike Scouts East Samar hosts an Earth House Bike Fest in Borongan City, East Samar.


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Bike Scouts on the Gameplan TV Christmas Special

Bike Scouts on the GMA-7 Christmas Special

Bike Scouts at the Social Good Summit, Manila

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