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Bike Scouts is a good way to do awesome things in the world even when you’re busy, when you have responsibilities that just can’t wait, or when you don’t have enough people around you that would support your passion for good. Bike Scouts is a first-of-its-kind social platform for doing good that also runs the only continuously-operating volunteer bicycle messenger service for disaster response in the world. Bike Scouts has been providing help, hope, and courage for people affected by disasters and circumstance since 2013. Help the Bike Scouts community make awesome things happen with social teamwork!

To make sure that your support goes where it’s supposed to go Bike Scouts will post a quarterly digest of accomplishments for each project along with expenditures. In addition, you can check our Hall Of Heroes page and connect directly with each of the teams on the ground that are handling the projects you support. Sign-up and get the Bike Scouts app!

Super Typhoon Rai (local name “Odette” in the Philippines) is the 15th storm to affect the country this year and is the strongest storm of 2021. The typhoon made landfall on Thursday, Dec. 16 at 1:30 p.m. local time on Siargao Island in southeastern Philippines with 257kph (160 mph) winds.Typhoon Rai/Odette made several other landfalls at Category 3 and 4 intensities as it moved across the Philippines. The storm has displaced nearly 490,000 people and has so far claimed more than 200 lives and severe damage in multiple parts of the Visayas and Mindanao. Help is needed and the response will most likely last several months. Bike Scouts provides the only Volunteer Bicycle Messenger service for disaster response that provides an alternative means of communication for the hardest to reach areas as well as the delivery of essential supplies. HELP MAKE OUR WORK POSSIBLE.


The Bicycle Scouts Project Inc.
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CYCLESAFE is an initiative to build an education program and platform that promotes road safety for cyclists. The increase of the number of bicycles on the road has also generated constant incidents involving cyclists that get into accidents with motor vehicles, as a result of bad infrastructure, a general lack of bicycle handling skills or knowledge about road safety practices and traffic laws, and sometimes just because accidents really happen. The Cyclesafe program is designed to reduce the number of bicycle accidents on the road through education, community engagement, and by providing an online library of information for the public. Your support allows us to make the experience of riding bicycles on roads safer for all cyclists. If you need more information or would like to donate through a local payment method please send us an email.

RESILIENCE FUND is a very important resource for the Bike Scouts. It allows us to prepare for disasters as a community by being able to operate as an organization before anything happens. This fund allows us to train our teams, produce content that educates communities about preparedness for disasters, provide training for local Bike Scouts partners that helps them learn what to do in the event of a disaster, and it allows us to maintain our online presence that helps us keep our global community engaged so that we can have a strong network of support for what we do when it matters. Your support helps keep Bike Scouts teams, community, and platform operational. We appreciate your help very much! If you need more information or would like to donate through a local payment method please send us an email.

The Bike Scouts’ OCEAN WASTE PROJECT is an initiative to collect data about the presence of plastic waste in the northernmost islands of the Philippines to determine the volume of waste that reaches even the remotest areas of the country in terms of type of waste and origin of the waste in terms of province or country. The project hopes to discover if the volume of waste that ends up in the islands fluctuate in the course of a year and over time compare the information to ocean currents and events in origin places that might be the cause for the rise and fall of volume.

The goal is to build a database about ocean waste that washes up in selected islands and derive useful conclusions that can be presented to brands that manufacture the types of waste that are found on coastlines of study areas. We hope to develop a response at the source of the waste through innovation and changes in the way they do business, through government policy, and public engagement. The pilot for this project is being implemented in Basco Batanes and surrounding areas by Bike Scouts Batanes to develop an effective data collection system for the project. In the future, we are hopeful that the project can be packaged into a program that can be implemented in important areas to establish active monitoring stations for ocean waste. If you need more information or would like to donate through a local payment method please send us an email.

The Bike Scouts’ MIDNIGHT RIDE PROJECT is an annual initiative that’s designed to encourage members of the Bike Scouts community and the public to give back to their own neighborhoods at Christmas. The project is not a religious-themed project but it addresses the reality that Christmas is celebrated around the world in different ways, and it’s often ironic that a common outcome is that the less fortunate are always left out of the activities that promote giving and sharing – especially homeless children.

The main activity of the Midnight Ride Project in the Philippines is the ride of a team of Bike Scouts Volunteer Bicycle Messengers to deliver presents (food, clothes, toys, educational items) to homeless children at midnight on Christmas Eve. A unique aspect of the delivery is that if the recipient children are with their parents the bicycle messengers will hand the gift to the parents so that it will be them that will give it to the kids and provide a happy memory for their children as a family at Christmas. For those that can’t participate at midnight are encouraged to wrap anything they can share at home with Christmas wrapper and attach a note of hope, love, or greetings before handing it out to a child in their own neighborhood who might need some Christmas cheer. If you need more information or would like to donate through a local payment method please send us an email.

Bike Scouts is a Securities and Exchange Commission registered non-profit company in the Philippines. Unit 2901 29th Floor One Corporate Center Meralco Ave, cor Doña Julia Vargas Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig, 1605 Metro Manila, Philippines. Contact us through email

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