Bike Scouts Team Programs

Bike Scouts has extensive experience in organizing team workshops and larger-scale events that are designed to engage audiences into action. Our experience include our participation in the Cambridge Climate Lecture Series in Manila where we toured different universities to talk about the benefits of bicycles for addressing climate change. We also talked about how students from schools and universities can be organized into Bike Scouts team to provide support for their own neighborhoods in times of disasters, and for making connections between communities and the means to become more sustainable.

Bike Scouts lecture at the Far Eastern University in Manila, Philippines.


Bike Scouts lecture at the University of Makati, Philippines.


Bike Scouts at Google Manila, Philippines for a collaboration with Liter of Light.

Bike Scouts at Ogilvy Manila, Philippines for the advertising agency’s “Brand Camp” event.

Bike Scouts engagement with Havas Ortega on the ad agency’s study about the role of consumers and brands in doing good.

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