Help the Bike Scouts make a difference!

Bike Scouts is a social platform for doing good, and to make it happen we’ve spent almost a decade building a culture of responsibility for others with those who have signed up for what we’re trying to achieve from day one – to create a new kind of human connection that genuinely enables social responsibility for the common good.

In the past eight years we’ve built a community where doing good is the social currency. You don’t have to be famous, there’s no need to do outrageous things to be popular, and you don’t have to go viral before you can get support for something that helps others or the planet. It’s not just an idea that we’re proposing, it’s something that already exists and have made a difference in small things like the happiness of street children on Christmas Eve to the big things like the three category-5 typhoons, a volcanic eruption, floods, earthquakes, and the global pandemic where the members of the Bike Scouts community used social teamwork to make a real difference wherever it’s actually needed.

We are a social platform that has given back to our community and provided value for the world long before the first line of code was even written to build our technology. Our algorithm is our community, real people in the real world who understands the value of being mindful, respectful, and kind.

I realize that so many others have promised to do good with technology but have always ended up doing the complete opposite. I believe so much in what we’ve built with the Bike Scouts community that I don’t even try to convince anyone of the good that we claim for ourselves. I will simply let our actions and achivements as a community do the talking.

We continue to build in spite of being told repeatedly that what we’re trying to do is impossible because, every day, the Bike Scouts community proves that impossible is just an excuse not to try the difficult and inconvenient things.

Join us. Help us in building the impossible.

Bike Scouts


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