Myles Delfin

Founder & Chairman


Worked professionally as a graphic designer, writer, photographer, and creative director. Managed local and multi-national clients such as Viacom, Procter&Gamble, Purefoods, San Miguel Corp, and others. Former adventure racing team captain and 24-hour mountain bike competitive athlete. Started The Bike Scouts Project in 2013.

Lou Gepuela

EVP & Secretary-General


Introduced to crisis communications and the disaster risk reduction and management community with Typhoon Ruby in December 2014, which was also the largest postwar evacuation in Philippine history. Active citizenship, civic engagement and community empowerment advocate. Believes that development should always be inclusive, participatory, transparent, sustainable, meaningful, and begins in the grassroots.

Weng Demeterio

Director of Community


Worked professionally as an Event Manager handling clients such as Team Asia, MTV, Hewlett Packard Nickelodeon and many others. Worked as production coordinator for print, television, and web clients and projects including work for Manila Bulletin Publications, Lifestyle Channel, and Hyperspark Media for adventure and travel content and programs.

Elijah Cruz

Director for Communications


Currently pursuing an MA in Communications at the Ateneo de Manila University. Currently handles Multimedia Design at DITO Telecommunity. Formerly the Liaison and Project Leader at GooZam Emergency Response App based in Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA. Plays the ukelele like a boss.

Lori Villar

Director of Operations


Handles Content and Community Management for various US-based clients while working as a professional educator. Specializes in project coordination and human resource management. Majored in Communication at the Miriam College in the Philippines, holds a degree in English.

Andrew Perez

Director of Marketing


Former Senior Manager IT Business Operation & Area Project Manager for Kaiser Permanente Information Technology (KPIT), former Assistant Vice President / Systems Project Manager Wells Fargo Bank, former mentor and business associate at L88 International Pte. Ltd. Singapore, Team Manager and Co-Captain of Castaic Lake Dragon Boat Club.

Kristine Mulliken

Executive Assistant


Kit is an aspiring economist and 4th year undergraduate student taking up Master of Science in Industrial Economics at the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P).


Jay Fajardo



Serial tech entrepreneur, speaker at local and international forums on technology and social innovation, founder and CEO of ProudCloud, CEO of Launch Garage an innovation hub based in Quezon City, founder and CTO of Medifi an online platform that connects patients with doctors, founder of Wi-Fi hotspot network Airborne Access that was acquired by PLDT in 2008.


Jeffrey Ambayec

Tech Lead


“Self-proclaimed-Philosopher” and Code Structure OCD, Bookworm, Otaku and Gamer. Currently working out of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates while thinking of ways of helping more Filipinos learn essential technology skills for the jobs of the future.

Onboarding new member…

Onboarding new member…

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