Why We Ride

Hello there, welcome to The Bike Scouts Project! We’ve launched this blog page specifically to feature social good and other community projects that are posted by Bike Scouts community members on our social media channels. The stories that we feature here are the ones that we’ve checked out and can guarantee to be trustworthy.


The Bike Scouts Project has teams and community members across the Philippines, based right in the places where these stories take place. Local Bike Scouts in these places will help document the projects that are featured here – as they happen.


If you’d like to support any of the projects featured here we can help you make it happen. The Bike Scouts Project guarantee that 100% of all donations will go directly to the people and places where they are meant to go. We will post a complete accounting of all support and donations for each project on the same page where the story is told. In this way, anyone can verify where every cent of support ends up.


The Bike Scouts Project commits to the promise that 100% of donations for projects go directly to the projects they are meant for.


The Bike Scouts Project operates on funding from its own community and from the generous support of partner companies and businesses that believe in the sustainability of The Bike Scouts Project. In addition, The Bike Scouts Project will also receive a donation of a percentage of revenue from the operation of its social media platform as a separate entity.


Ride safe!


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